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RejuvenatOrs, Polish & Compounds.

Show Glaze: A Spray on shine for your paint work. Simply spray on and wipe over with a microfibre cloth until you see a brilliant shine emerge. Use after polishing for that extra depth of gloss. Can also be used in between wax polishing to retain a high gloss on duco. Great for hiding spider webbing scratches, removing dust, finger prints and water spots.

Also can be used for household non aerosol polish for furniture.

Gleam All. Rejuvinates and protects plastic, vinyl and rubber.  A must for an as new finish for any vehicle vinyl interior. May be sprayed on, however care must be taken not over spray on windows. Can be used on exterior of vehicle for a more natural finish. Can also be used for home use on vinyl furniture, vinyl bags, vinyl shoes and any plastics you want to make look new again. Not recomended for leather. 

Fabric Stain Remover. For the removal of those difficult stains

AutoGlym Rapid Renovator. Is a deep cleaning cream for removing scratches, severe haze and oxidisation. It contains carefully blended grades of alumium oxide powder to give a controllable cutting and polishing action.

Tyre Slick: Is a non silicone tyre shine Tyres must be free of any silicone or waxes before application. May also be used on bumpers, but must be wiped over to remove any excess

Extra Shine

Silicone Rejuvenator

Super Sheen

Silicone Rejuvenator (Extra)

Auto Glym Super Resin Polish. Super resin polish will not only restore gloss to dull surfaces, but is also ideal for removing small scuffs and scratches on new and old paintwork.

Auto Glym Plastic Conditioner. To rejuvenate and retore all those plastics surfaces

Auto Glym Leather Cleaner. Will not add a shine to your seat, but leave it with a natural matt finish.

A Glass Polish for a crystal glass finish.

Auto Glym Leather Conditioner. Protects the leather and conditions

Clear Cut

Clear Coat Surface Restorer.

It removes scratches and marring on the clear coat.

Formulated for use with a buff and foam compound pad.

This product can be used to buff caravans and boats to remove oxidisation.

Premium Wax. The best of all polishes. Easy to use, low dust. high shine and long lasting. Always shake well before use and during application to ensure contents remain thoroughly mixed

Auto Easy. A spray on polish best for cars under 5 years old. Produces a brilliant shine and great water beading.

Voodoo Polish

Should be used for black or very dark coloured cars.

Has a pure blend of carnauba waxes and special polymers for a well-balanced specialty formulated polish

Advanced G3 Liquid:  is a one-step system that provides a fast cutting action and a high gloss finish. It combines all the reliability and other advantages of G3 Paste with a reduced clean up time when compounding by machine.


Mirror Cut.

A slightly heavier cutting compound with Carnuaba wax.  A great paint rejuvenator which removes swirls, leaving a deep shine and no residue.

Comes in 1 ltr and 5 ltrs. 

Purple Metal Polish. This is truly a no-rub metal polish. When you see how just how easy it actually is to polish aluminium you will be totally amazed.

Cam Blue Clay. for the efficient removal of over spray

Juice Products. Juice Super Cutting compound, Swirl Remover, Cutting Compound and Speed Wax. Products to produce that ultimate finish.

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