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A Wide range. of Micro fibre cloths, wire wool and Sponges

Product Dispensers Attachments.  Triggers and drum taps/ pumps

Fibre Cloths. Various fibre cloths in multiple colours

High Quality Sponges. Various sponges to suit most applications

Super Glide Chamois. For those special vehicle surfaces

Clay Towel.

White Linen Rags.

Key Tags Mixed or Single Colour.


Mop Heads. 

Solvent Bottles with Spray Dispensers. Various sizes for the application of our products

Saftey equipment.   We also supply spill kits,  saftey glasses, goggles, face masks and aprons.

Hand Applicator Pads. For scratch free results

Auto Care Enkafill Industrial Polyvinyl Alchohol Vinyl Cloth. Super absorbent cloth leaves surfaces streak free.

T-Shirt Rags.

All Sorted Rags.

Key Tag Rings. Bag 100

Key Tag Paper Inserts. Pk 100

Broom Handles.

Complete Sets Water Fed Poles & Heads

Sponges, Steel wool & Cloths: A range of Sponges, Cloths, Wire Wool and Dust Masks

Pumps For Various Applications: Pumps, taps and caps to fit the 20Ltr, 5Ltr and 1Ltr container to assist in the efficient dispensing of the various products supplied.

Spill Sorb 10kg bag of premium bioactive compound for rapid liquid absorption.

for all floor spill.

Great just to have around for those just in case scenarios. 

Industrial mini pressure spray dispensers:  For use with solvents or low viscosity liquid products.

Autocare Premium sponge: For those heavy duty applications

Chamois: Super Glide Chamois and Various Super Absorbant cloths.

Mequiars Hand Applicator Pad. Cushion foam for swirl and scratch free results. Re-Usable and Machine washable.

MicroFibre Cloths: Yellow, for all those scratch free polishing applications. 

White Rags. Cotton sheets mainly used for windows.

Key tags come in packs of 100 with key rings and a block of paper inserts







Multi colour


Rings can also be purchased separately as well and a block of 100 paper inserts

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